Electrician Business Management Software: 8 Benefits

The electrical contractor industry has cutthroat competition and legislation. According to research, over 70,000 establishments in the U.S. electrical contractor industry compete for a share of the $170 billion made in combined annual revenue.

How much can your business grab out of this? And what will improve your bottom line?

Electrician business management software is the barrier between you and success in the electrical contractor business. Some benefits of using this software include making smarter scheduling decisions, better-managing technicians in the field, and improved chances of winning big contracts with service level agreements.

Let’s look into electrical business management software and how it will transform your electrical contractor business.

What is Electrician Business Management Software?

Electrician business management software is a field service software that helps electrical contractors run their businesses. The software may integrate advanced tools such as QuickBooks for accounting, payroll software, and CRM for your electrician contractor business.

With the right software, you can manage several aspects of your electrical business, including:

  • Scheduling jobs
  • Creating estimates
  • Managing invoices
  • Managing work orders

Doing such management work manually takes a lot of time, that’s crucial to running other parts of your business. With electrician business management software, some of these tasks are handled automatically, with those requiring a bit of human input taking less time to complete.

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The Benefits of Electrical Business Management Software

There are several benefits to using electrical business management software. These include:

You Make Smarter Scheduling Decisions

Field service technicians and electrical contractors are sensitive about time. Therefore, their work should be fast, efficient, and productive to maximize profit. With proper scheduling, you have smoother and more efficient operations that make your team’s day effective.

Electrician business management software comes with a well-designed scheduling feature that ensures your crew is always occupied with work and the right technicians are stationed at the right job.

Moreover, your crew will get real-time notifications and updates about their schedule, with each technician updating their job progress. You can also negotiate with a client for time to complete work more accurately and avoid paying your crew overtime for inaccurate scheduling.

It Improves Communication with Your Crew in the Field

Effective communication makes running your electrical contractor business more accessible and faster. Research also shows that a more connected company with fast and effective communication channels performs better than one with disjointed channels.

With electrical business management software, you can effectively communicate with your techs on the field and relay any vital information to the office. Therefore, your jobs will stay on track, and you’ll respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies.

Since some advanced software can be operated on mobile phones, your crew can seamlessly use the software to stay in touch with you and the office and help you do management work such as changing work orders, accessing customer information, or processing client requests in real-time.

It Helps Manage Technicians in the Field

A well-designed electrician business management software also incorporates a work order management system that helps you manage technicians and their jobs in the field. Work order management is the backbone of efficient service delivery in modern service companies.

The crew can create, track, analyze, and complete work orders in real-time wherever they are, whether in the office or the field. They can also get new information instantly about their work orders or the client without making phone calls or sending emails to the office.

The crew can also use the software to capture customer signatures directly and detail their work on the site.

You Can Manage Your Electrical Certificates

Electrical certificates are essential if you’re to do any electrical work legally. The law in most states requires electrical contractors to keep these certificates for five years and retrieve them whenever needed.

Moving around with such amounts of paperwork can be tiresome. A well-built electrical business management software stores these certificates and attaches them to specific clients and jobs when bidding.

The client can view the certificates at any time, sign them, and store them on the software, which gives you peace of mind when working on the project. You can also email the certificates to the client if they need them in pdf form.

You Can Check Live Pricing

In the service industry, you must keep track of live pricing of the specific equipment you may need on the field to fulfill certain work orders. In addition, the cost of materials can rapidly fluctuate in the market, making it essential to know the actual price before sending out your quote.

An electrical business management software will typically have a live pricing feature to help you track the live prices of materials and equipment from builders and merchants. This feature can save you a lot of time when working with multiple projects involving large equipment and materials.

It Gives You Insights Through Business Analytics

Running a business takes a lot of time and effort. To stay on top of the competition, you need quick access to core business information derived from accurate analytics. In a manual operation, you may need days or weeks to have a company audit the business and deliver the analytics and insight you need.

With electrical business management software, you can get this information within minutes with the analytics updated to the latest information in the system. With the analytics provided, you can identify critical variables and trends in your business and make pivotal decisions.

Improves Your Chances of Winning Big Contracts with Service-Level Agreements

Excellent service level agreements (SLAs) win big contracts in the commercial electrical business. An electrician business management software helps you organize and keep track of your service level agreements and ensures you comply with them.

A robust electrical business software solution also has a planned preventive maintenance (PPM) system that autogenerates maintenance appointments to your crew’s calendar to ensure the SLA is respected.

You Can Provide Instant Quotes and Payment Options

Quoting and taking payments is one of the most grueling tasks for your crew to perform. An electrician business management software allows you and your team to send instant quotes and invoices to clients, ensuring they have little time to rethink your offer and your payments are not delayed due to slow invoicing.

Advanced software also comes with online payment gateways that make paying for invoices fast, reliable, and secure for your clients.

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Invest in a Robust Electrician Business Management Software

Electrician business management software will put you ahead of the competition and streamline your business management and operations. Invest in a robust electrician business management software and turn around how you do business.

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