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Online Invoicing Software

Switch to online invoicing to make billing easy, get paid quicker, and improve your business’s financial health.

No more lost invoices, start sending digital invoices today

My family’s HVAC company had a big problem when it came to lost invoices, outstanding payments and more. When customers are delinquent on payment (or sometimes you forget to even send the invoice!) it creates unnecessary financial burden on the company. Switching to FieldBin and digital invoicing resolved these issues almost overnight. If you’re considering an online invoicing software, give FeidlBin a try today.

– Ralph P Sita, Jr. CEO and Co-Founder

Simple tools for online invoicing

Create an invoice in seconds

Send confirmations, reminders and updates with an option to confirm or request changes.

Customize your services and products

Send texts, emails or both to customers to ensure the message gets received.

Collect payment for services

And store every invoice inside a customer record for easy access and reference.

Get paid faster and on-time

Looking to add streamlined invoicing to your field service business?

Create digital invoices and send via text or email to your customers

Track which invoices have been sent, when a signature has been received and when payment has been collected in an easy to use invoicing tool. Need to manage offline and online payments? FieldBin has that covered too.

Screenshot of a digital invoice showing how customers can create and send invoices with important details and line items.

Get your invoice in front of customers anywhere, at any time

Email or SMS Text, or both. FieldBin let's you get your invoice to your customers so you can get payment quicker.

Invoice still not paid? Set up customer reminders so your accounts receivable doesn't impact your business operations.

Screenshot of an email on desktop and on a phone showing a customer can sign an invoice from either location.

Easily access reports on paid and non paid invoices as part of a complete profit/cost report

Get a total picture of each jobs profits and expenses ensuring your business grows and remains healthy and profitable.

Screenshot of the reports module detailing profits and expenses with summary views available.

Frequently asked questions about online invoicing software

FieldBin’s invoicing software allows business owners (or technicians) to generate and send digital invoices to customers for signature and/or payment. Integrated with your inventory management software, you can easily add items or services to your invoice. No more lost invoices, as every invoice is digitally stored inside the customer record.

If you are still using paper for your invoices, you will immediately find using an online software provides you better organization and clarity. Each invoice gets saved tied to a customer record meaning no lost invoices or Folders and Files on your computer. When used with FieldBin’s inventory management system you’ll have a quick way of referencing your service packages, cost of tools and more; and, with a single click add them onto a customer invoice. If you have enabled online payment services, you’ll also be able to benefit from collecting payment via credit card over the internet. This helps you get paid faster and not face the operational burden from delinquent payments.

FieldBin let’s you add your brand logo to your invoice. Additional invoice customization is currently in development. If this is a critical feature, please contact us as we may be able to help.

Digital payments via credit card are managed by Stripe, a trusted digital payments provider located in the United States. You are required to set up a Stripe account in order to use digital payments. This means when a customer pays their bill it doesn’t go through or is held by a middleman, it doesn’t lead to a payout holding period; it goes directly into the bank account you have associated with your Stripe account.

Did you know? Other field service providers which offer their own payment services take a % of the transaction? Some even manage the funds with regular payouts (while they collect on that money’s interest). With FieldBin, we want to empower business owners to truly run and own the financials of their business.

FieldBin enables you to collect deposits prior to beginning work. When you mark the collection of a deposit, FieldBin will automatically calculate the difference between the total invoice, deposit paid and amount owed. This makes it easier for you and your customer to understand what is owed and help you get paid faster.

Yes! With a single click you can copy everything from a signed estimate over into a customer invoice; this helps you save time and prevent having to dig around for lost estimates.