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Fence contractors and companies often face a few walls preventing their businesses from being optimally profitable. You have to deal with your crew’s scheduling – ensuring all jobs are timely done, sending quotations to the customer for them to iron a few things out, and getting invoices paid promptly.

From fence installations to repairs, software to take your business a step further

Over four decades ago, my family embarked on a journey by starting a local HVAC business. Through hard work and dedication, we’ve built a reputable company known for reliable repairs and installations in the Maryland area. Drawing from our experiences, we developed FieldBin, a software solution designed to streamline the operations of service-based businesses like ours. Although initially crafted with HVAC companies in mind, we’ve found that FieldBin’s features are equally beneficial for fencing business owners. If you own a fencing business and are looking to improve your operations, I would be delighted to demonstrate how FieldBin can make a positive impact, just as it has for our family-owned business.

– Ralph P Sita, Jr. CEO and Co-Founder

User-friendly field service software designed for fence business owners like you

Our platform simplifies scheduling, dispatching, invoice and reports allowing you to focus less on paperwork and more on great service.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Coordinating and deploying fencing teams to various job sites is a complex task. It involves scheduling emergency fence repairs, routine maintenance checks, and new fence installations, while ensuring each team member has the appropriate skills and tools for the job. Unexpected delays or changes can disrupt the entire schedule.

Customer Management and Communication

Establishing strong relationships with clients is essential for securing repeat business and generating referrals. Effective communication is crucial, from arranging fencing consultations to providing updates on the progress of a fence installation or repair. Tracking customer preferences and service history is key to providing personalized service.

Inventory Management

Monitoring fencing materials and supplies, from posts and panels to gates and hardware, is critical. Maintaining the right inventory levels is important to ensure teams have the necessary components for each fencing project without overstocking or running out. This becomes more challenging with the variety of fencing materials and styles needed.

Top rated software for your fence business

Improving operations and enhancing efficiency requires a combination of effective processes, skilled personnel and the right technology.

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Fence Scheduling & Dispatching

Ensure the right fencing team is assigned to each project. With real-time monitoring, track the progress of jobs, work orders, and the locations of your crews for a variety of fencing installations and repairs.

Screenshots showing how to create an estimate, digitally sign it and send using email or SMS to a customer.

Fence Estimates & Invoicing

Efficiently generate and dispatch digital estimates to clients, linked to your service offerings and inventory. Easily incorporate a mix of services, tools, and materials. Secure deposits and expedite the invoicing process to ensure timely payment.

Screenshot of inventory management and movement of stock and stock history.

Fence Inventory Management

Track and manage your inventory with real-time updates on stock levels, product availability, and crew tool usage. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, providing actionable insights to optimize inventory, reduce costs, and minimize waste. Ensure your teams have the right tools and materials for each fencing job, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Screenshot of customer details in a customer relationship manager.

Simple CRM & Customer Communication

Strengthen customer relationships by keeping a digital customer profile including prior jobs, notes, files, photos, estimates, invoices and more. FieldBin's customer management tool enables personalized communication and automated follow-ups to foster transparency, build trust and encourage repeat business.

Frequently asked questions about fence software

FieldBIn’s Fence software is a tool that gives fence contractors and companies the power and features to nail customer management, estimation, quotation, invoicing, job scheduling, job management, bidding, and other business functions.

FieldBin’s fence scheduling software can be used by fence contractors and companies seeking to improve how they do business. The software packs features suited for small, medium, and large businesses with a varying portfolio of customers, jobs, and crews.

FieldBin’s fence estimating software fences the everyday processes of these businesses using technology, making them efficient, fast, and effective. By using this software, you also get to impress customers with world-class delivery of jobs, estimates, quotations, and invoices while keeping your fence crew happy through better job management and scheduling.


FieldBin’s fence software packs features that allow you to create, send, and track professional fence job estimates to your customers. You can use images, add-ons, and packages to create your estimations which you can later convert into jobs for your crew and invoices for your customer to pay.

On the other hand, your customers can approve estimates, request changes, pay deposits, and the full invoice using the software. You end up with a system that keeps you organized and financially well-managed.


FieldBin’s fence software is what holds the gate to your success in the fence business. Whether you’re a contractor or fence company, our fence company and contractor software enables you to manage your crew and customers efficiently, cost-effectively, and quickly.

With our fence software, you enjoy increased productivity and efficiency thanks to reduced paperwork and instant scheduling and dispatching of jobs. You also enjoy reduced business costs through efficient utilization of your crew, a need for fewer offices, and less administrative work requiring fewer managers. More importantly, you get to handle customers satisfied with your better work quality, stress-free billing and invoicing, and better customer feedback system.