Create, customize and digitally sign service estimates

Field Service Estimate Software

Creating estimates for prospective customers is a routine part of running your business, FieldBin helps make it easy with digital tools, inventory integration and more.

Win more jobs in less time with minimal effort.

As a field service business owner, you understand the importance of timely and effective communication with your customers. Managing customer communication and service reminders became a time-consuming and error-prone process at my family’s business. FieldBin’s software reminder software and customer communication module was designed to resolve the missed appointments, unsatisfied customers and lost revenue resulting from the paper-based, manual processes they had

 – Ralph P Sita, Jr. CEO and Co-Founder

Create and send an estimate in minutes

Effective communication will keep your clients happy, ensure work orders are completed on time, and encourage fast invoice payments. 

Create an estimate in seconds

Send confirmations, reminders and updates with an option to confirm or request changes.

Customize & add inventory

Send texts, emails or both to customers to ensure the message gets received.

Sign and close the deal

Reviews help grow your business; automate the process of requesting positive reviews.

Estimate software, built for the way you work

Start creating an unlimited number of estimates, no plan restrictions; just great, easy to use field service estimate software.

Create digital estimates and send via text or email to your leads for digital signature

Generate an estimate then email your estimate or text a link to the estimate to your prospective customer. Need a signature? Simply, check the box and get customer approval.

Customer sign? FieldBin will automatically let you know once a customer has signed an estimate so you can proceed to schedule a date of service.

Screenshot of a software estimate showing how to send it to a customer through email or SMS text or both.

Push alerts and notifications

Never miss a beat with real-time alerts. Keep both you and your customers informed at every step, ensuring seamless communication and timely responses.

Screenshot showing appointment reminders to send to customers.

Integrate directly into your inventory

Say goodbye to guesswork. Our software syncs with your inventory management system, providing accurate, up-to-date information for precise estimates.

Screenshot of inventory management and movement of stock and stock history.
Screenshots showing how to create an estimate, digitally sign it and send using email or SMS to a customer.

Make it easy on your customers with e-Signatures

Streamline approvals with our e-Signature feature. Get estimates signed off quickly and efficiently, reducing turnaround times and boosting productivity.

Screenshot of a software report showing a detailed view of a single job of profit and expenses.

Collect deposits and start getting paid faster

Secure your projects and improve cash flow. With FieldBin, you can easily collect deposits, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions about field service estimate software

Creating an estimate and getting your customer’s signature is often the biggest point of friction to winning new business. A digital solution enables you to create (or modify), send and sign at the speed which the modern consumer expects. If you haven’t adopted a digital solution, you can bet your competition already has. More consumers have an expectation of dealing in digital documents; and a smooth customer process will lead to more referrals and more business. 

FieldBin’s estimates feature is built for modern field service companies supporting many different types. As part of a complete field service management solution, it is fully integrated into your inventory and service packages making it easy to quickly create estimates (or make modifications, if necessary) and get them in front of your customers.

Yes! When you send an estimate to a customer they receive a link through SMS Text or Email (or both!). They can click the link to view the estimate, any notes or attachments and provide an e-Signature directly from there. You are then notified that the customer has signed the estimate and the estimate is stored within the customer record (CRM) in FieldBin. Never lose track of an estimate again.

Yes! FieldBin makes it easy to copy an estimate to an invoice with a click of a button. Need to make modifications? You can easily make it right there on the invoice and digitally send it to your customer.

At this time, all payments are handled through a connected Stripe integration. Once you have a Stripe account, we can assist with connecting it to your FieldBin account and you can begin processing digital payments, including collecting deposits.

Yes, we make it easy to upload associated files, forms or anything custom you have as part of your normal business workflow.