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Accurate Reporting To Drive Business Performance

FieldBin offers a robust field service reporting solution that’ll make you understand and manage cash flow, profit, technicians, and customers in your business.

Comprehensive Financial Visibility

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FieldBin’s field service reporting software allows you to record vital data about your crew, customers, inventory, and financials for tactical and strategic decision-making.

Our solution gives you a platform to define inventory levels, productivity, crew performance, losses, and profits, among other things. FieldBin’s field service reporting software helps you achieve the business intelligence necessary to make better decisions with an advanced dashboard to empower you, the crew, and management to perform better.

Mobile iOS and Android Apps Available

Get the Data You Need. Fast.

Quick and Accurate Reporting, Anywhere

The dynamic dashboard on FieldBin’s reporting software displays the information you want, anytime and anywhere you want it. Our mobile solution can be used by your techs on the field and the in-office team simultaneously, automatically compiling data and showing relevant stats when needed.

Field service reporting software from FieldBin is powerful, user-friendly, effective, mobile, and collaborative. Field service reporting software replaces spreadsheet and disorganized data for a more accessible, on-premise solution.

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Productivity Reports for Your Techs

Monitoring your crew’s productivity is crucial for excellent service delivery in your field service business. Our reporting software gives you a technician report with updated, real-time data on their time logged on every job, including service requests completed, trips covered, and more.

You can view specific metrics for each crew member with a few clicks to get more insight into their performance and make informed decisions.

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Job Profit Reports

Our field service reporting software allows you to access and analyze real-time financial data containing various fields such as taxation, projected income, invoice details, and payments. Our software allows you to generate detailed profit reports to help you understand your field service business’s financial position and project future income.


Time Cost Reports

Time is a big factor in field service businesses. Your crew spends a good amount of time shuttling from one job site to another. Our reporting software gives detailed records about the time costs of your employees fulfilling time on jobs, allowing you to adjust schedules and routes better to ensure customers get their service completed quicker.


Material Cost Reports

Materials are another big factor for home service businesses. FieldBin’s field service reporting software gives detailed reports about your materials and inventory.

Material cost reports can also help you optimize spending on inventory and avoid high inventory costs.

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Why Do I Need Field Service Reporting Software?

Field service reporting software allows you to generate unique insights based on your business’s data to help drive crucial decisions such as crew training and inventory management.

Can I Generate Field Service Reports Using Unique Templates?

FieldBin’s field service reporting software allows you to create unique digital templates to read, record, and present your reports. You can add unique data fields such as dates, checkboxes, and numbers and export the report when needed.

What Customer Information Can I Add to My Field Service Report?

FieldBin’s field service reporting solution allows you to add customer information to your reports, such as name, contact information, address, company information if applicable, and other details essential to your business.

Can I Add a Sign-Off to My Field Service Report?

FieldBin’s field service reporting software allows you to add a sign-off section where your techs and clients can acknowledge that a service request was completed and it met the customer’s and the business’s expectations.

Can I track the Performance of Service Groups?

Using FieldBin’s reporting software, you can track the performance of work order groups you’ve categorized by specialty or skillset and generate metrics similar to individual techs.

What Should be Included in a Field Service Report?

A field service report should include the customer and technician information, reported issues, an inspection report with visuals, repairs or replacements needed, actions done by the technician, follow-up audits, and sign-off from the technician, customer, and service manager.

FieldBin is the easiest-to-use field management software for hard working trades business owners.  Our comprehensive set of industry specific developed features solve your back-office nightmares so you can increase profits by satsifying customers to grow your business.
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