Accurate reporting to drive business performance

Field Reporting Software

Get robust field service reporting solution that’ll make you understand and manage cash flow, profit, technicians, and customers in your business.

Screenshot of reports available including profits and costs (time and material).

Simple reporting tools

FieldBin’s field service reporting software allows you to record vital data about your crew, customers, inventory, and financials for tactical and strategic decision-making.

Our solution gives you a platform to define inventory levels, productivity, crew performance, losses, and profits, among other things. FieldBin’s field service reporting software helps you achieve the business intelligence necessary to make better decisions with an advanced dashboard to empower you, the crew, and management to perform better.

Time Costs

Using FieldBin’s Time Tracking software, you can get an accurate cost of time costs per job.

Material Costs

Using FieldBin’s Inventory Management software, you can get an accurate cost of materials per job.


When combined, you get a detailed breakdown of profits per job to help improve your business’s bottom line.

Frequently asked questions about Field Service Reporting software

Field service reporting software allows you to generate unique insights based on your business’s data to help drive crucial decisions such as crew training and inventory management.


FieldBin’s field service reporting software allows you to create unique digital templates to read, record, and present your reports. You can add unique data fields such as dates, checkboxes, and numbers and export the report when needed.

FieldBin’s field service reporting solution allows you to add customer information to your reports, such as name, contact information, address, company information if applicable, and other details essential to your business.

FieldBin’s field service reporting software allows you to add a sign-off section where your techs and clients can acknowledge that a service request was completed and it met the customer’s and the business’s expectations.


Using FieldBin’s reporting software, you can track the performance of work order groups you’ve categorized by specialty or skillset and generate metrics similar to individual techs.


A field service report should include the customer and technician information, reported issues, an inspection report with visuals, repairs or replacements needed, actions done by the technician, follow-up audits, and sign-off from the technician, customer, and service manager.