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Painting Contractor Software

Whether you are a residential or commercial painting business owner, we understand you face unique challenges, from ensuring top-quality finishes to managing complex projects. FieldBin.com let’s you focus less on managing your operations and more on delivering high-quality paint jobs.

Go digital and build a thriving painting business

FieldBin was built to help my family overcome the challenges of operating their HVAC company on paper. They tried several times to go digital but the tools never fully did the job. Today, they run run their daily operations on FieldBin and continue to thrive as a family-owned and operated business in the Maryland area. If you are searching for your next solution, I’d welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help your business.

– Ralph P Sita, Jr. CEO and Co-Founder

User-friendly field service software designed for painting contractors like you

Our platform simplifies scheduling, dispatching, invoice and reports allowing you to focus less on paperwork and more on great service.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Coordinating schedules and dispatching painters to various job sites is a complex task. It requires balancing urgent repaint requests, routine touch-ups, and large-scale commercial projects, while ensuring each painter is equipped with the appropriate tools and paints. Moreover, unexpected delays or changes in schedules can disrupt the entire day's plan.

Customer Management and Communication

Keeping a strong connection with your customers is key to getting them to come back and spread the word about your work. It's all about clear communication, from setting up appointments to keeping them in the loop about how their project is coming along. Plus, keeping track of their preferences and past jobs takes time, but it's what makes your service feel personal and keeps them happy.

Inventory Management

Maintaining an accurate inventory of painting supplies, from various paint shades and finishes to brushes and rollers, is vital. It's important to manage stock levels to ensure painters have the necessary materials for each job without overstocking or experiencing shortages. This task becomes more challenging with the variety of products needed for different painting projects.

Top rated painting contractor software for your business

Improving operations and enhancing efficiency requires a combination of effective processes, skilled personnel and the right technology.

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Painting Contractor Scheduling & Dispatching

Ensure the right painter is assigned to each project. With real-time monitoring, track the progress of jobs, work orders, and the locations of painters for a variety of painting tasks, from residential touch-ups to large commercial jobs.

Screenshots showing how to create an estimate, digitally sign it and send using email or SMS to a customer.

Painting Contractor Estimates & Invoicing

Efficiently generate and dispatch digital estimates to clients, linked to your service offerings and inventory. Easily pull in a mix of services, tools, equipment, or materials. Secure deposits and expedite the invoicing process to facilitate quicker payment.

Screenshot of inventory management and movement of stock and stock history.

Painting Contractor Inventory Management

Track and manage your inventory with real-time updates on stock levels, paint availability, and painter tool usage. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, providing actionable insights to optimize inventory, reduce costs, and minimize waste. Ensure your painters have the right tools and paints for each job, improving first-time completion rates and customer satisfaction.

Screenshot of customer details in a customer relationship manager.

Simple CRM & Customer Communication

Strengthen customer relationships by keeping a digital customer profile including prior jobs, notes, files, photos, estimates, invoices and more. FieldBin's customer management tool enables personalized communication and automated follow-ups to foster transparency, build trust and encourage repeat business.

Frequently asked questions about painting contractor software

When you own a painting contractor business, you can lose time on other important things – like painting jobs. FieldBin’s Painting contractor software helps to solve these tasks by providing a single platform with access to solutions for bidding/quoting, scheduling, CRM, tracking inventory, and more. With FieldBin’s technology, you can conduct your business’s daily operation and customer management without sacrificing the quality of your service.

As a painting contractor, you run into all kinds of problems on the job – paint runs, colors bleed through, and finding the right shade to match, to name a few. Using software for painting contractors is easy to begin using and features everything you need in one location. Move your customers through the process with ease by creating a quote, scheduling their painting job, invoice for payment, and following up to ensure a job well done! You enjoy what you do, and managing the operational side of things shouldn’t take up all of your time.

As the owner of a painting contractor business, the more time spent painting results in more money earned for the business. FieldBin works on the backend of your business and allows you more time to worry about acquisition and fulfillment. Instead of worrying about every brush stroke of managing your business, our software helps to automate the process. Our amazing customer service features also assist in review generation techniques to help your business shine and lead to endless referral potential.

There is “good” paint, and there is “great” paint. As a professional in the painting industry, you know that to be true. You have specific requirements for what you will use, from quality to pricing. The same should logic should be applied to your painting contractor software. FieldBin’s pricing structure was created to provide the quality you demand and the pricing you prefer. Plans that fit your budget are available and include everything FieldBin offers, including low rates for additional users, workflow management in one place, and 1-on-1 training and support. Contact us now to learn more.

FieldBin’s software for painting contractors allows you to make all documents legally binding. Whether you are on-site, in the office, or sending virtual contracts, our software allows for signing, signature request emails, and notification when your document has been signed. Keep track of all your signed contracts in one place – FIeldBin is the base of your document and contract operations.

You understand the difference between shellac and gloss – we understand every aspect of your painting contractor software. We come to you for painting tips. You come to us for management software advice! Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help you when questions pop up about your new management software. Let us guide you through the process of using your software from quote to satisfied customer!