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Roofing Management Software

Manage your leads, customers, proposals, inventory, invoicing, and payments, all in one place. Build a profitable, growing roofing business with FieldBin.

Solving the problems of managing a small HVAC business was the reason FieldBin was created.

As the CEO of FieldBin, I’m proud to say our software was born from over 40 years of experience in running a successful HVAC business. While initially crafted for HVAC, FieldBin has proven to be a game-changer for roofers as well. If you’re in the roofing business and looking to streamline your operations, I’d be thrilled to show you how FieldBin can help.

– Ralph P Sita, Jr. CEO and Co-Founder

User-friendly field service software designed for roofing business owners like you

Our platform simplifies scheduling, dispatching, invoice and reports allowing you to focus less on paperwork and more on great service.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Coordinating and deploying roofing teams to various sites is a complex task for a roofer. It involves scheduling emergency leak repairs, routine roof inspections, and new roof installations, while ensuring each roofer has the appropriate skills and tools. Unforeseen delays or changes can disrupt the entire schedule, impacting project timelines and client satisfaction.

Customer Management and Communication

For a roofing contractor, fostering strong relationships with clients is essential for securing repeat business and generating referrals. Effective communication is crucial, from arranging initial consultations to providing updates on the progress of a roofing project or addressing any concerns. Maintaining a record of client preferences and project histories is vital for delivering personalized service and meeting client expectations.

Inventory Management

Monitoring roofing materials and supplies, from shingles and tiles to nails and underlayment, is critical for a roofer. Ensuring the right balance of stock levels is important to avoid delays due to shortages without tying up capital in excess inventory. This task becomes more challenging with the wide range of materials and tools required for different roofing projects.

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Improving operations and enhancing efficiency requires a combination of effective processes, skilled personnel and the right technology.

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Roofing Scheduling & Dispatching

Ensure the right roofer is assigned to each project. With real-time monitoring, track the progress of jobs, work orders, and the locations of your roofing teams for various tasks, including shingle replacements, leak repairs, and new roof installations.

Screenshots showing how to create an estimate, digitally sign it and send using email or SMS to a customer.

Roofing Estimates & Invoicing

Efficiently generate and dispatch digital estimates to clients, linked to your range of roofing services and materials inventory. Incorporate a mix of services, tools, and materials to provide comprehensive quotes. Secure deposits and streamline the invoicing process to ensure prompt payment.

Screenshot of inventory management and movement of stock and stock history.

Roofing Inventory Management

Keep a close watch on your inventory of roofing materials and tools with real-time updates on stock levels and usage. Our platform integrates smoothly with your existing systems, offering insights to maintain optimal inventory levels, reduce costs, and prevent waste. Ensure your roofing teams have the necessary tools and materials for each job, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Screenshot of customer details in a customer relationship manager.

Simple CRM & Customer Communication

Strengthen customer relationships by keeping a digital customer profile including prior jobs, notes, files, photos, estimates, invoices and more. FieldBin's customer management tool enables personalized communication and automated follow-ups to foster transparency, build trust and encourage repeat business.

Frequently asked questions about roofing management software

You have a lot on your business skid and sometimes keeping everything in line can be a challenge. FieldBin’s roofing contractor software helps to solve this by providing a single platform with access to solutions for bidding/quoting, scheduling, CRM, tracking inventory, and more. FieldBin’s technology helps you manage your business’s daily workflows and client management with ease.

As a roofing contractor, you run into all kinds of problems on the job – the wrong type of shingles, the wrong color roofing, running out of materials, and more. Move your customers through the process with easily by creating a quote, scheduling their roofing job, invoicing for payment, and following up to ensure the roof job is done right.

As the owner of a roofing business, the more time you spend on the roofing process results in more money earned for the business. FieldBin works behind the scenes, allowing you more time to worry about finding and completing these jobs. You can stop worrying about every shingle and nail of managing your business, using FieldBin’s software helps to automate the process.

You know quality roofing products when you see (and use) them. The same logic should be applied to your roofing contractor software. FieldBin’s pricing structure was created to provide the quality you demand, at prices you prefer. Plans that fit your budget are available and include everything you need including low rates for additional users, workflow management in one place, and 1-on-1 training and support.

FieldBin’s software allows you to make all documents legally binding. Whether you are on-site or off, FieldBin’s software allows for contract signing virtually and notifies you when a customer has completed it. Keep track of all your signed contracts in one place – FIeldBin keeps all your contracts in one place.

At this time, we do not have roof measurement software. If you still perform manual roof measurement reports our CRM is a comprehensive solution for storing and managing an unlimited number of files and additional customer details.