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Keep your customers in the loop using FieldBin's Service Reminder Software.

Keep Your Customers Up to Date

Home service businesses rely heavily on referrals, positive reviews, and excellent customer experiences. While most general contractors will focus primarily on their job quality to get these accolades, a general contractor looking for an edge will put equal effort into communication.

Effective communication will keep clients happy, ensure work orders are completed on time, and encourage fast invoice payments.

What can change your narrative is not a communication workshop for your crew. Instead, it’s investing in our customer communication software.

Mobile iOS and Android Apps Available

Automated Communication

Customers need constant communication about appointments, invoices, and other follow-ups or alerts. FieldBin automatically sends invoices, appointment reminders, and other alerts based on a given time frame or event, such as completing a work order.

Remind customers of upcoming service appointment or send them an automated receipt for their invoice payments. Our automation feature allows you to schedule text or email messages per your home service business’s workflow.

Texts and Email Messages

Customer Communications

Customers have varying communication preferences. FieldBin offers both text and email for messaging clients based on their most preferred and most effective channels.

Our software uses two-way text messaging and has multiple email templates to choose from to communicate with the client.

Your customers will always be kept aware of appointments and service calls, and be able to easily contact your business for any changes or needs they have.

Appointment Reminders

When customers have an emergency service need, they want clear information about when and which crew member will be visiting their home or property.

FieldBin sends appointment confirmations, reminders, and updates with the date and time of the visit, and the option to confirm or request changes to the service request if necessary.

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Tell Customers You’re on Your Way

In addition to getting accurate appointment details and timely reminders, customers still want real-time communication about how far your crew is from the job site.

Our customer communication automated messages allow your crew to send “on my way” messages to the client, informing them how far they’re from the job site and when they should be expected.

Send and Follow-Up on Quotes

Quickly sending and following up on quotes is essential to securing jobs. Winning jobs is a combination of personal touch and professional, accurate estimates.

Easily send email or text follow-ups with customizable templates for the quotes, speeding up the sales process of your business.  Customers will appreciate the professional reminders and your eagerness to earn their business.

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Customer Review Requests

Once you’ve completed a service request, you can use FieldBin to send a job rating or Google review request to have the customer provide feedback about the service delivery and provide insight on what you can improve for better service delivery.

This way, you’re confident that you’ll consistently offer an excellent customer experience.

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FieldBin is the easiest-to-use field management software for hard working trades business owners.  Our comprehensive set of industry specific developed features solve your back-office nightmares so you can increase profits by satsifying customers to grow your business.
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