Set up automated communications and notifications

Service Reminder Software

Built-in service reminders via email and SMS text message make it easy to keep customers notified of dates, times and more!

Moving away from paper seems hard, but a digital solution improves customer communication

As a field service business owner, you understand the importance of timely and effective communication with your customers. Managing customer communication and service reminders became a time-consuming and error-prone process at my family’s business. FieldBin’s software reminder software and customer communication module was designed to resolve the missed appointments, unsatisfied customers and lost revenue resulting from the paper-based, manual processes they had

 – Ralph P Sita, Jr. CEO and Co-Founder

Make the back and forth easier

Hi John, we’re on our way to your site. Should be about 15 minutes until we get there.

Great! I had to run out, but feel free to get started once you arrive.

Not a problem, we’ll let you know if we need anything.

We’re all set! Thank you again for the business. We’d appreciate if you’d leave us a Google Review, it helps us attract new customers and grow our business. Leave a review

Thank you! You did an amazing job! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Simple tools for communication

Effective communication will keep your clients happy, ensure work orders are completed on time, and encourage fast invoice payments. 

Appointment reminders

Send confirmations, reminders and updates with an option to confirm or request changes.

SMS text & email communication

Send texts, emails or both to customers to ensure the message gets received.

Automated job rating requests

Reviews help grow your business; automate the process of requesting positive reviews.

Effective communication = happy customers

Looking to add streamlined customer communication to your field service business?

Create digital estimates and send via text or email to your leads for digital signature

Generate an estimate then email your estimate or text a link to the estimate to your prospective customer. Need a signature? Simply, check the box and get customer approval. Customer sign? FieldBin will automatically let you know once a customer has signed an estimate so you can proceed to schedule a date of service.

Screenshot of a software estimate showing how to send it to a customer through email or SMS text or both.

Appointment reminders - no more "I forgot we had an appointment"!

FieldBin sends appointment confirmations, reminders and updates with the date and time of the visit. Include a confirm/request change to the service request, if necessary. This ensures customers never forget they have an appointment.

Screenshot showing appointment reminders to send to customers.

Send customers "On my way" messages with a single click

Even the most organized customers can lose track of time. A friendly text message reminder helps keep them informed when you are on your way or close by.

*Two-way SMS add-on required

Screenshot of sending an "on my way" message showcasing the two way sms text feature.
Screenshot of sending a job feedback request and a customer adding a star rating with comments.

Customer Review Requests

Finish a job? Testimonials and reviews are the best way to win new business. Once you have completed a service request, FieldBin will send a job rating or Google Review request to have your customer provide feedback about the service delivery and provide insight on what you can improve upon. This way, you're confident that you'll consistently offer an excellent customer experience.

Screenshot of two way SMS text messaging that is available in the platform.

Two-Way SMS Text Messaging**

Have more to say with your customers? Two-way SMS text messaging makes it easy to let customers know you're on your way, get clarity from key questions about the job or simply follow up with them after a job - all managed and logged in their customer profile for historical reference.

**Add-on per dedicated number