Geo-location time tracking and time-sheet management

Time Tracking Software

Ensure on-the-job compliance and make it easier for technicians to track hours with integrated tools.

Struggling to with timesheet accountability?

Proper accounting of timesheets is essential when managing a group of technicians. Unfortunately, paper time sheets and spreadsheets are prone to error and can lead to technicians adding unaccounted for hours. We wanted FieldBin to track exactly where and when technicians were checking in and out of jobs to maintain compliance and ensure we weren’t paying for non-work hours.

– Ralph P Sita, Jr. CEO and Co-Founder

Simple tools for time tracking

Effective communication will keep your clients happy, ensure work orders are completed on time, and encourage fast invoice payments. 

Mobile check-in / check-out

Send confirmations, reminders and updates with an option to confirm or request changes.

Geo-tagged time stamps

Send texts, emails or both to customers to ensure the message gets received.

Report on time-based costs

Reviews help grow your business; automate the process of requesting positive reviews.

Prevent "buddy punching" and location fraud

Whichever industry you work in, FieldBin can help facilitate digital adoption of time tracking; and with built-in “geo-tagging” you can ensure technicians are where they say they are.

iOS and Android apps make it easy to check-in and check-out, on-the-go

Filling out paper time-sheets is hard for employees but also creates more work for you and your back office. Not only is it a pain, but it also leads to inaccurate times ("this sounds right").

When you guess times, round up hours, and make mistakes, you end up with costs which take away from your business' profits; or are incurred by your customers. All that is solved by mobile time tracking.

Screenshot of two phones showing how customers can track employee time from their iOS or Android mobile apps.

Location-based time logs ensure technicians are not spoofing their hours or where they are when they say they are at a job site

Every time someone checks-in or checks-out, FieldBin captures a time and location log. Owners and back office management can use these to audit the timesheets being submitted by technicians.

Screenshot of how geo-tagging works with time tracking in the FieldBin app.

Easily report on profit and time expense with integrated time sheet reports

When you use FieldBin time-tracking, you'll report on job specific time expenses per job. As part of the more complete reporting tool, you'll gain an overall profit/loss report.

Screenshot of a software report showing a detailed view of a single job of profit and expenses.

Frequently asked questions about Employee Time Tracking

FieldBin’s employee time management software allows techs to manage each of their employee’s hours and pay raises within seconds.

It’s easier for your technicians to work efficiently with FieldBin’s time tracking software. Your business will be more effective and efficient as you won’t need to track hours and pay using paper or timesheets.

FieldBin provides iOS and Android mobile apps for your phone or tablet so that you can manage your day-to-day operations from anywhere.