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Electrical Contractor Software

As an electrician or electrical contractor business owner, you face unique challenges in your day-to-day operations, from managing complex wiring installations to ensuring compliance with ever-changing electrical codes.

It's hard enough keeping track of electrical codes, make the other parts of managing your electrical business easier

Every trade business faces challenges when it comes to performing excellent service. Add in the difficulty of compliance and regulation and it can quickly become overwhelming. FieldBin.com is intended to offload the challenges of managing the other parts of your business. It has helped my family with theirs; let us show you how we can help yours.

– Ralph P Sita, Jr. CEO and Co-Founder

User-friendly field service software designed for Electrical business owners like you

Our platform simplifies scheduling, dispatching, invoice and reports allowing you to focus less on paperwork and more on great service.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Effectively organizing and deploying electricians to various project sites is a crucial challenge. Balancing emergency call-outs, routine service checks, and wiring installation jobs, while ensuring each electrician has the appropriate tools and expertise for the task at hand, can be complex. Furthermore, unforeseen delays or changes in project timelines can disrupt the entire day's schedule.

Customer Management and Communication

Building strong relationships with clients is key to getting repeat work and, even more importantly, referrals. It's all about keeping in touch, whether it's setting up electrical inspections, keeping clients in the loop about maintenance plans, or just checking in after a job. Sure, keeping track of all the details, from past electrical work to what each client prefers, takes time, but it's what makes your service stand out and feel personal.

Inventory Management

Staying on top of all your parts and gear is super important for any electrician. You've got to make sure you've got just the right amount of stuff - not too much that it's taking up space, but enough so you're not left hanging when you need something for a fix or a new install.

Top rated Electrical software for your business

Improving operations and enhancing efficiency requires a combination of effective processes, skilled personnel and the right technology.

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Electrical Scheduling & Dispatching

Ensure the appropriate electrician is assigned to each task. With real-time monitoring, track the progress of jobs, work orders, and the locations of technicians for a variety of electrical installations and repairs.

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Electrical Estimates & Invoicing

Efficiently generate and dispatch digital estimates to clients, linked to your service offerings and inventory. Easily pull in a mix of services, tools, equipment or materials. Secure deposits and expedite the invoicing process to facilitate quicker payment.

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Electrical Inventory Management

Track and manage your inventory with real-time updates on stock levels, product availability and technician tool usage. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, providing actionable insights to optimize inventory, reduce costs and minimize waste. Ensure your technicians have the right tools and parts for each HVAC job, improving first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction.

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Simple CRM & Customer Communication

Strengthen customer relationships by keeping a digital customer profile including prior jobs, notes, files, photos, estimates, invoices and more. FieldBin's customer management tool enables personalized communication and automated follow-ups to foster transparency, build trust and encourage repeat business.

Frequently asked questions about Electrician Software

Electrical contractor software is meant to manage several key processes and record keeping of an electrical business. This includes scheduling, dispatching, quoting, invoicing, and customer service. Comprehensive solutions have comprehensive results. Business owners can rely on electrical contractor software to speed up their workflows free up their time to focus on the parts of their company that grow their business.


Electrical business management software is an essential part of any electrician’s business. Without this ability to automate processes and manage projects, business owners struggle with meeting all customer expectations. This software streamlines everything from customer to team management needs, making it possible for you to expand your business and take on more lucrative jobs.


At this time, FieldBin does not offer any sort of integrated electrical code assistance. However, FieldBin does allow you upload files and add tasks to jobs  outlining the specific compliance requirements for that task. This can include wiring standards, circuit protection, grounding practices, and more. The checklist ensures that all necessary steps are taken to meet regulatory standards.

A field service software can be very beneficial, especially if you are currently managing your business via paper. A digital solution helps keep a centralized record of all customer jobs, estimates, invoices and more. What’s more, many customers are beginning to expect digital interactions when doing business. One of the biggest challenges is getting started with a field service software, but once you begin incorporating it into your workflow you’ll enhance your operations which can lead to more business, getting paid quicker, and being promoted via referrals.