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Cleaning Business Software

Manage your cleaning business operations with an affordable, easy to use service software. Whether you’re scheduling recurring cleaning appointments, managing your inventory of cleaning supplies, or looking to provide a digital customer solution, FieldBin.com is for you.

You care about building a growing cleaning business, we care about supporting you with great software

We built FieldBin to support my family’s HVAC business, which has been family owned and operated for more than 40 years. While you may be providing different services such as residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, window washing, and deep cleaning; feel rest assured that the features and workflows FieldBin enables will equally help you build a profitable and growing business.

– Ralph P Sita, Jr. CEO and Co-Founder

User-friendly field service software designed for cleaning business owners like you

Our platform simplifies scheduling, dispatching, invoice and reports allowing you to focus less on paperwork and more on great service.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Coordinating and deploying cleaning staff to various locations is a complex task. It involves scheduling emergency clean-ups, routine cleaning services, and special projects, while ensuring each cleaner has the appropriate skills and supplies. Unexpected delays or changes can disrupt the entire day's schedule.

Customer Management and Communication

Establishing strong relationships with clients is vital for securing repeat business and generating referrals. Effective communication is essential, from arranging cleaning appointments to updating clients on the progress of a deep clean or a special request. Tracking customer preferences and service history is key to providing personalized service.

Inventory Management

Monitoring cleaning supplies, from detergents and disinfectants to mops and vacuums, is crucial. Maintaining the right inventory levels is important to ensure cleaners have the necessary supplies for each task without overstocking or running out. This becomes more challenging with the variety of cleaning products and equipment needed.

Top rated field service software for your cleaning business

Improving operations and enhancing efficiency requires a combination of effective processes, skilled personnel and the right technology.

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Cleaning Business Scheduling & Dispatching

Ensure the right cleaning staff is assigned to each job. With real-time monitoring, track the progress of tasks, work orders, and the locations of cleaners for a variety of cleaning services, from residential deep cleans to commercial maintenance.

Screenshots showing how to create an estimate, digitally sign it and send using email or SMS to a customer.

Cleaning Business Estimates & Invoicing

Streamline the creation and dispatch of digital estimates to clients, tailored to your range of cleaning services and supplies. Easily incorporate various services, equipment, and cleaning agents. Secure advance payments and accelerate the billing process to ensure faster revenue collection.

Screenshot of inventory management and movement of stock and stock history.

Cleaning Business Inventory Management

Monitor and control your inventory with real-time updates on the availability of cleaning products, equipment, and supplies. Our system smoothly integrates with your existing operations, offering valuable insights to maintain optimal stock levels, minimize costs, and reduce excess inventory. Guarantee that your cleaning team is equipped with the necessary tools and products for each task, enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Screenshot of customer details in a customer relationship manager.

Simple CRM & Customer Communication

Strengthen customer relationships by keeping a digital customer profile including prior jobs, notes, files, photos, estimates, invoices and more. FieldBin's customer management tool enables personalized communication and automated follow-ups to foster transparency, build trust and encourage repeat business.

Frequently asked questions about cleaning business software

When own plate is dirty with your cleaning business, it can take away time from other more important things – like other cleaning jobs. FieldBin’s cleaning business software helps solve these problems by providing a single platform with access to solutions for bidding/quoting, scheduling, CRM, tracking inventory, and more. With FieldBin’s technology, you can manage your business’s daily workflows and client management without compromising the shine.

You run into all kinds of problems while running your cleaning business, including big messes. FieldBin cleaning business software is easy to use and offers everything you need in one location. Organize your customers’ cleaning process by creating a quote, scheduling their cleaning job, invoicing for payment, and following up to ensure a job well done! Your job should be enjoyable, and managing the operational side of things shouldn’t consume your entire time.


Cleaning businesses earn more money if they spend more time cleaning. FieldBin handles the backend of your business, so you can focus on acquisition and fulfillment. Rather than worrying about every mop strand of your business, FieldBin’s software automates the process. Additionally, you can take advantage of the amazing customer service features and build reviews to boost your business and earn referrals.

Cleaning businesses can make all documents legally binding with FieldBin’s software. On-site signing, office signing, or virtual contracts can all be handled with FieldBin’s software. You can receive emails requesting signatures, and you will be notified when your document is signed. Your documents and contracts are all organized in one place with FieldBin.