The Best Electrical Estimating Software

Win more electrical projects by placing fast, professional bids

Our electrical bidding software allows for fast, detailed bids that other electricians won’t be able to compete with. Secure more jobs with better looking estimates.

Electrical Estimating Software

Whether your specialty is commercial, residential, or municipal electrical work, you need an estimating platform that’s simple, easy, and professional.

Draft precise estimates that land you more work.

Electrical Estimating Software

24/7 access that beats any estimating software

Don’t waste time working with an electrical estimating software when you can trust FieldBin to do a better job. FieldBin’s estimating software powers your business with trusted technology and ease of use.

Draft estimates any time, anywhere.
Share with onsite techs and give to customers quickly
Easy estimates for residential, commercial, and municipal electrical jobs
Accurately estimate labor and materials usage
Track proposals sent and monitor acceptance rates

Send electrical proposals faster

Improve estimating speed and accuracy

FieldBin’s powerful, user-friendly electrical estimating software makes it easy to provide more accurate estimates to customers.

Simply upload your electrical plans and get a fast estimate
Adjust quantities, material prices, and profit margins for better accuracy
Create professional, customer facing quotes instantly.

Residential Electrical Estimating Software

Send detailed estimates to homeowners

Win more residential electrical jobs by providing detailed estimates to homeowners.

Include project-specific information to justify your estimate prices
Share estimates with customers through email or print
Show materials and other items needed to complete the job
Break down costs by square footage for better accuracy

Commercial Electrical Contractor

Win more building contracts with professional estimates

Large scale commercial projects can require a lot of energy to bid and win. FieldBin’s comprehensive electrical bidding software makes the process simple.

Fire off professional electrical estimates to land more commercial work
Commercial and industrial bidding templates
Display your licenses on estimates for added credibility
Share with multiple decision makers at the commercial establishment

Fast Electrical Estimates

Beat competitors to new jobs with digital onsite estimates

Don’t waste precious time on your estimating process. FieldBin allows you to create and update dynamic electrical estimates onsite, guaranteeing that you win more jobs.

Quickly make changes to estimates as needed
Draft digital estimates instantly onsite
Make updates to existing estimates in real-time
Rapidly adjust material prices and labor units based on project-specific needs

Electrical Estimate Automation

The only electrical bidding software you will need

FieldBin has created the easiest solution to help you fulfill more electrical estimates and increase your workload. Send bids out in a matter of minutes and boost ROI.

Intuitive estimate creation platform for faster bidding
Highly detailed and precise estimates for ultimate efficiency
Name project-specific terms and conditions
Skyrocket your revenue with a streamlined estimation process

How Does Software Improve The Electrical Bidding Process?

It comes down to time. Electrical business owners have enough on their plate and they need to be able to deliver estimates quickly to win more jobs. With FieldBin’s electrical bidding software, you can send timely and professional estimates to prospective customers. This level of bidding automation greatly improves your chances of landing more jobs.

How Long Does An Electrical Estimate Take?

Once your techs are done surveying the job site, an electrical estimate can be drafted in less than 10 minutes—especially if you already have an estimate template setup in FieldBin. Without help from a robust estimating software like FieldBin, this process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

What Items Are Included In An Electrical Quote?

Quotes will include everything from labor costs of maintenance, repairs, inspections, and installations, to materials needed for electrical work. FieldBin lets you add as many sections as you want to any estimate, including room for photos, customization capabilities, and customer requests.

Can Electrical Estimates Be Shared Between Technicians And Customers?

Yes, FieldBin amplifies your communication capabilities by allowing techs to quickly send and update estimates to customers. When customers propose changes to existing estimates, your techs can make updates in real-time. This estimating efficiently will lead to more secured jobs.

Can I Monitor The Status Of Electrical Bids?

FieldBin’s easy to use dashboard shows you the progress of every electrical bid. Quickly identify accepted and rejected bids and follow-up with customers right away. Keep estimates organized and accessible for office staff and assigned technicians.

FieldBin is the easiest-to-use field management software for hard working trades business owners.  Our comprehensive set of industry specific developed features solve your back-office nightmares so you can increase profits by satsifying customers to grow your business.
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