Criteria Your Subcontractors Should Meet to Ensure Maximum Productivity

Garrett Wilson
March 10, 2023

Are you a field service management business owner looking to hire subcontractors to help with your workload? If so, you need to ensure that the subcontractors you hire meet certain criteria to ensure maximum productivity on the job. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the key factors you should consider when hiring and how they can contribute to increased efficiency and productivity.

1. Previous Experience and Expertise

One of the most important criteria to consider when selecting subcontractors is their previous experience and expertise. The subcontractor you hire needs to have extensive experience doing the specific type of work your job entails.  

When reviewing a potential subcontractor's experience, consider the types of jobs they have worked on, the length of time they have been in the industry, and the level of expertise they have in a specific area. A subcontractor with a proven track record of success in a particular field can be an asset to your business and help you achieve maximum productivity.

2. Licenses, Qualifications & Certifications

Any subcontractor you hire also needs to be equipped with the necessary licenses, qualifications, and certifications that the job requires of them. Not only is this important for the safety of your team, but also ensures the work is completed to code and no legal issues will arise due to lack of qualifications.



Be sure to review their qualifications in detail, ensure they are up to date, and also confirm with the issuing organization of its legitimacy. When a subcontractor comes to the job with qualifications in place, they’ll be able to hop right in and get the job rolling with little training or intervention.  


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3. Reputation

Nothing tells you more about a potential employee than their reputation and references. Be sure to review their previous work, look for online reviews, and ask for references from past employers and also past customers. A good reputation and positive feedback from references indicates that they’re reliable, trustworthy, and have a high level of expertise in their field, all characteristics that benefit your business.  Ask references things like do they show up on time, do they interact well with customers, are they flexible and adjustments when things don't go according to plan, do they need supervision or make good decisions on their own, etc.

4. Availability

Depending on the jobs your team has in the pipeline, availability might be another factor to consider when hiring a new subcontractor. Ensure that their availability aligns with your needs so that jobs are meeting their scheduled timelines and no scheduling conflicts arise that would delay progress.

5. Rates

As a business owner, one of the most important factors when hiring comes down to cost. Rates of subcontractors can vary based on the compensation structure. Once you have an idea of how you plan to structure compensation (i.e. hourly, by job, etc.), you can determine if the potential hire has realistic expectations that align with your needs. A subcontractor who provides a fair and competitive price can help you provide the best value for your money while also achieving maximum productivity on the job site.


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6. Location

Determining a subcontractor’s location and willingness to travel is also an important hiring consideration. You’ll want to ensure that your new hire is in a convenient location to the job site or willing to make the drive. Even if they’re willing to make the drive, you’ll need to confirm that they can commit to being at the location on-time each day to ensure no delays occur due to their absence.
Subcontractors Installing Roof 

7. Safety

Finally, one of the most important hiring considerations is the subcontractor’s safety and attention to detail. Are they up-to-date on any required safety trainings? Are there any safety protocols in place they need to be aware of? Can they adhere to the safety guidelines? All individuals on your job sites need to be aware of their surroundings and ensure they operate with safety in mind at all times. One little mistake or accident can lead to injury or even legal actions take upon your business. Not only would these issues delay the project, but also could have major implications for the business.  

Selecting the Right Subcontractors 

In conclusion, selecting the right subcontractors is essential to ensure maximum productivity in your field service management business. By considering factors such as their previous experience, licenses and certifications, reputation, availability, rates, location, and safety qualifications, you can ensure that you are hiring the right subcontractors for the job. So, take the time to evaluate your subcontractors carefully and choose the ones that meet your specific requirements. By doing so, you can achieve maximum productivity and grow your business to new heights.

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