6 Things You Need to Start a Roofing Company

Getting into the roofing business can be a very lucrative venture. According to statistics, the roofing industry is expected to hit a market size of $41.242 billion by 2031, marking a CAGR of 4.9% from its 2021 market size of $25.684 billion.

But how can you get started in the business?

To start a roofing company, you need a business plan, a business credit card or bank account, a business tax registration, and proper equipment and software to run the business.

Let’s dive deeper into the roofing industry and some of the things you need to start a roofing company.

Why Should You Start a Roofing Company?

There are two compelling reasons why you should consider starting a roofing company. However, before considering them, you need to understand that experience will give you the upper hand when opening a roofing business. That’s because roofing is a particular trade.

However, you can still start a roofing business without experience if you hire qualified contractors and technicians to do the heavy lifting. Nonetheless, the experience will help you craft a better-structured business plan and pick better talent when hiring.

Regardless of whether you have the experience or not, two of the most compelling reasons to start a roofing company are:

  • The high demand for roofing services
  • The longevity of the trade

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The High Demand for Roofing Services

There is increasing development of new areas, driving demand for roofing services. You should not have trouble finding work if you offer quality, effective, and valuable services. Even when operating on a small scale, you can make close to six figures annually.

Longevity of the Trade

A great business not only delivers a great paycheck at the end of the financial year, but it’s also sustainable. That is one of the most attractive traits of the roofing industry.

Given shelter is a basic human need and infrastructure sits at the core of economies, you’re guaranteed that your roofing business will enjoy longevity. As long as you have a great business plan, you should be able to start a company that will be passed down your generations.

The Types of Roofing Businesses You Can Start

There are two main types of roofing businesses that you can start. These are residential and commercial roofing companies. Some companies offer both services, while others choose to specialize in one.

Specializations in the business vary depending on the materials and style used to offer a particular service. In most cases, the type of roofing a client chooses comes from their personal preferences and desired functionality.

Some of the roofing businesses you can start to include:

  • Water damage and leak repair
  • Roof replacement
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Roofing for new construction
  • Roof inspections
  • Gutter replacement

You can offer one service or have a unique combination of these services.

Six Steps You Can Take to Start a Roofing Business

Here are six steps to get started in the roofing business.

Create a Business Plan

All businesses start as an idea translated into a well-drafted business plan. A business plan helps you define the specifics of your new business and prepare you for any challenges your business may face.

A few points you should consider when creating the business plan include:

The Costs of Starting Up and Running a Roofing Business

You may have to pay federal and state fees when setting up your business. You’ll also need space for storage and an office. You should also factor in the transportation costs for roofing materials, the costs of office supplies, overhead expenses, and wages.

Your Target Market

You need to decide on the type of roofing service you’ll offer and whether you’ll offer residential or commercial roofing services.


You should have a pricing model to determine how much you’ll charge customers for your services. When deciding on pricing, account for expenses such as transportation costs, materials, and wages and factor them into your profit margin.

Select a Business Structure and Name for the Business

It would help if you came up with a name for your company that is memorable, unique, and relevant to your services. You should also settle on a business structure and decide whether to open a limited liability company (LLC) or sole proprietorship.

An LLC is the best choice as it reduces your liabilities within the business as an owner and protects your assets.

Register for Taxes

Before starting your roofing company, you must register for several state and federal taxes. Before you can register for these taxes, you must acquire an EIN. You can obtain an EIN on the IRS website for free.

Depending on your chosen business structure, you will have different taxation options. For instance, LLCs are taxed as an S corporation (S corp). In addition, some specific state taxes may also apply depending on your business’s location.

Open a Business Credit Card and Bank Account

A dedicated business credit card and bank account are essential to protect your assets. If you mix your personal and business accounts, your assets may be at risk if the company is sued. Business lawyers refer to this as “piercing your corporate veil.”

Satisfy All Legal Requirements

Each state and country will have a unique set of legal requirements for running a roofing business. These include permits, licenses, entry into local business registers, and tax requirements.

Work with a lawyer to ensure you’ve satisfied all of them, and get the help of non-profits and free resources available to help you launch your roofing company.

There also may be different rules for hiring a contractor, subcontractor, or employee for your state. Therefore, check with the state and federal laws.

Invest in Proper Equipment and Software

Running a roofing company successfully requires investing in the right equipment and software. That way, you can deliver your services fast, professionally, effectively, and efficiently.

To help manage systems and processes within the business, you can invest in software such as CRM, estimate, quotes, and scheduling software to make it easier to store and retrieve customer information and manage your crew and inventory.

Start Simplify Your Roofing Job Scheduling

Use Technology to Scale Your Roofing Business

The best way to build a fast-growing roofing company is by embracing technology that will make your processes fast and efficient. Invest in a roofing company management software that will make it easier to bid on projects, find accurate pricing, manage your crew and work orders, and process invoices.

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