Painting Estimating Software

Win more Painting jobs with professional estimates

We combine the power of speed and accuracy to help you deliver estimates your customers will love.

Amp Up Your Business with FieldBin’s Painting Contractor Estimating Software

With FieldBin’s painting estimate software, you no longer have to deal with inaccurate, delayed, or time-consuming estimates. The software throws in important factors like labor choices and materials needed to craft the ultimate estimate. Here’s how it works:

It knows exactly the kind of material each project demand – whether it’s a roller, a sprayer, or a brush.
Next, it calculates the number of technicians each project needs plus the time each tech invests in the task.
It even factors in the additional time or costs that might pop up during the process. For instance, if the wall is a little longer than expected, the software includes the extra time and material needed to cover that as well.

Simple Painting Estimating Software

Easy-to-use software for fast estimates

A one-size-fits-all strategy never made a successful painting contractor business. FieldBin’s painting estimating software understands the unique needs each project comes with. It offers precise, custom-made takeoffs for both interior and exterior painting contracts. A few of the many tasks this painting estimate software performs are:

Calculating the square footage of every surface to be painted.
Factoring in other areas like doors, windows, trims, or other surfaces that don’t need to be painted.
Factoring in the type of wall and ceiling to be covered. For instance, if an area is curved, the software includes the unique needs that come with it.

Commercial Painting Estimating Software

Streamline your bidding process with professional estimates

With all the ingredients now placed with precision, what comes from the other side? Detailed reports, the overall cost of the job, the alternate pricing, profit recap, and more – all in the blink of an eye!

Includes the type of material used, labor costs, and adjustments related to additional time or costs.
Crafts a quote by calculating the square footage of every surface. Our precision estimates also take into account areas like doors, windows, trims, or other surfaces that don’t need to be painted.
Fully customizable so you can offer tailor-made estimates for your unique projects

Residential Painting Estimating Software

Manage estimates with ease

Our all-in-one estimating software offers comprehensive databases that are loaded with manufacturer-specific prices and systems. Made by professionals and for professionals, it takes care of all your estimation needs from start to finish. You can also refer to your painting contractor CRM to track outstanding quotes sent to customers, etc. Our talented team of customer service professionals is available 24/7 to assist you in every possible manner.

It pays special attention to accuracy and speed so you can offer the most precise estimates in no time.
All-in-one solution so you can offer the entire estimation picture with no hidden charges.
Easily calculate ductwork labor cost and material estimations

What Benefits Can Your Painting Business Extract from this Software?

FieldBin’s painting contractor estimating software puts the spotlight on three critical areas of any painter contractor’s business: accuracy, speed, and quality.

Our comprehensive estimates ensure your customers don’t end up dealing with any hidden charges. Great estimations bring great customer satisfaction. Happy customers in turn provide you with repeat business and also spread the word about your quality services. The power of speed, quality, and precision come together to give you an edge over your competitors. Nobody wants delayed, inaccurate, or poor-quality estimates. Faster delivery of estimates shoots up how quickly your entire service process unfolds.

Can You Customize Estimates for Every Project?

No two projects are the same. From the painting materials used to the size and type of the area to the amount of labor required – every customer expects a comprehensive estimate for their projects. FieldBin’s painting estimate software understands the unique needs of each customer and offers customized estimates crafted only for them.

What Factors Does It Take into Account for Calculating Precise Estimates?

Yes, FieldBin is more than an estimating software. It’s a full-service business automation toolkit. We help you manage inventory, scheduling, invoicing, and more. FieldBin helps you focus on the things you do best.

Does FieldBin provide estimates for different types of HVAC work?

Considering every project has its unique needs, here are a few of the many things FieldBin’s painting estimating software considers to customize each estimation:

• Painting materials
• Area (in square footage) of the surfaces that are to be covered.
• Area that does not require painting – such as windows, doors, trims, and others.
• Labor costs
• Amount of time invested
• Any additional charges that might pop up with a specific project.

How Fast Is FieldBin’s Estimation Service?

FieldBin’s painting contractor estimating software automates all your estimation tasks. Here’s how quickly and efficiently it helps you get your estimation tasks done:

• Enter the project requirements
• Customize a simple template
• Have it approved by your client with an e-signature
• Automatically follow up with the ones who haven’t responded right away

FieldBin is the easiest-to-use field management software for hard working trades business owners.  Our comprehensive set of industry specific developed features solve your back-office nightmares so you can increase profits by satsifying customers to grow your business.
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