General Contractor Invoicing Software

transform how you send invoices to your clients and score more revenue 

FieldBin's general contractor invoicing software is the special tool you need in your invoicing toolbox.

General Contractor Invoicing Software

Invoicing is one of the most tasking and delicate activities to perform as a general contractor. Poor invoicing can lead to a myriad of issues and is often associated with pain points such as:

• Intensive manual work
• Missing invoices
• Poor invoice tracking
• High invoice error rates

FieldBin's general contractor invoice software deals with these pain points and makes invoicing a less stressful, more efficient process in your business.

General Contractor Accounting Software

Fast and Accurate estimates

FieldBin's general contractor accounting software is a tool for creating, sending, and managing your invoices to ensure your crew gets paid faster and customers clear their service bills easier and more flexibly using their preferred online payment mode.

With the accounting software, you can send estimates and invoices to clients quickly, send payment reminders, accept payments any time of the day, and manage all your invoicing activities while on the field.
FieldBin's general contractor accounting software is built to address some of the most pressing invoicing pain points. 

 These include:
• Intensive Manual Invoicing Work
• Delayed Invoice Processing
• Missing Paperwork
• Understaffing

Making Invoicing Easier

FieldBin's general contractor invoice software solves all your invoicing problems. The software has been created to ensure you're paid sooner and faster with excellent transaction visibility.

With a few clicks, you can create, send, and track invoices, get notifications immediately after the customer honors them, and the cash has been debited to your account.

FieldBin's software solution allows you to perform all these activities while on the field, meaning your crew can clear up with a client before leaving a job site.

Custom Branded Invoice Document

Your brand can also be fully represented in the invoicing document. The general contractor invoicing software allows you to paint all documents in brand colors with your logo well positioned. These documents come in various templates and feature different layouts and styles. You can protect them further using a unique, brand-specific watermark so that your customer can differentiate between a genuine invoice from your general contractor business and a fake one.

Some of the powerful features FieldBin's general contractor accounting software packs include:
• Creating and sending estimates
• Invoices
• Auto-generated receipts
• Live tracking
• Client reviews

Live Tracking & Auto-Generated Receipts

You can track live the status of your invoice or estimate using FieldBin's invoicing solution. Live tracking notifies you when the customer receives the invoice or estimate, opens it, and approves it. For invoices, you also get notified when customers honor their payments and cash is accepted on your business's payment account.

FieldBin's general contractor accounting software supports online payments with automatic receipt generation for successful purchases. Online payments are made through secure gateways and are processed much faster than manual payment methods such as bank checks.

What is a General Contractor Invoicing Software?

A general contractor invoicing software is used to create, send, and pay invoices quickly in a general contractor business.

Does FieldBin Offer a General Contractor Invoice Software?

FieldBin offers a general contractor invoice software that packs features such as live tracking, secure online payments, estimates, and invoice creation.

Can I Convert Estimates to Invoices Using FieldBin's General Contractor Accounting Software?

FieldBin's general contractor accounting software allows you to convert estimates you'd sent to a client into invoices once the job is complete.

Do You Get Live Tracking with General Contractor Accounting Software?

FieldBin offers a live tracking feature with its general contractor accounting software, which lets you know when a client receives your invoice, opens it, and approves it.

Can You Receive Online Payments with FieldBin's Invoice Software?

You can receive online payments through secure payment gateways using FieldBin's general contractor invoicing software.

FieldBin is the easiest-to-use field management software for hard working trades business owners.  Our comprehensive set of industry specific developed features solve your back-office nightmares so you can increase profits by satsifying customers to grow your business.
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