General Contractor CRM Software

Manage your customer relationships better for increased profitability.

FieldBin's general contractor CRM software is here to give you a hand and transform how you interact with your clients.

Best General Contractor CRM Software

Customer relationship management is crucial for business success in the modern world. Understanding your customer, what they need, their habits, and always working with up-to-date information gives you and your crew the edge in a very competitive market.
However, CRM has always been a struggle for most general contractor businesses, with the businesses complaining about:

• Low customer retention rates
• Limited mobility
• Slow data logging
• Slow growth
• Complex tracking and reporting

FieldBin’s CRM solution for general contractors changes this narrative.

Customer Relationship software

Why Do You Need a CRM software?

The best general contractor CRM is what you need to always keep your customer happy and satisfied with your services. Customer relationship management directly impacts your general contractor business’s bottom line.

A satisfied customer is more likely to return for more business and recommend you to friends and family. Therefore, you spend more time fulfilling work orders in the field than searching for new clients. CRM includes:

• Low customer retention rates
• Slow growth
• Information disorganization
• Complex tracking and reporting
• Inconsistent access to consumer data

Customer Retention Rates

A high customer churn rate is one of the most discouraging realities in a business. Without a CRM, this number can grow to unacceptable and unsustainable rates.

With a CRM, the customer churn rate is controlled, leading to high customer retention rates. That’s because a CRM gives you a clear record of a customer’s purchasing habits, allowing you to position yourself better to convince them to contract your general contractor services.

You can understand and address their unique problems, which makes them more satisfied.

Organized Information

Manually recording and sorting information is highly error-prone. Some files and papers can go missing, and sticky notes containing vital customer information can fall off the wall and end up mistakenly thrown in the bin.

Proper CRM software is cloud-based, securely storing your data online where it’s less likely to get disorganized, lost, or disjointed.

FieldBin’s CRM For General Contractors

FieldBin’s CRM for general contractor business is a software tool for better managing your customer’s information and improving your business’s bottom line. This CRM for general contractors packs the following exciting features that make it a great addition to your general contractor business:

- Efficient Asset and Customer Management
- Easy Access to Information
- Easy Integration with Any Workflow
- Seamless Third-Party Integration
- Connected Office and Field View of Information

Should I Use a General Contractor CRM Software?

Using general contractor business CRM software ensures that your general contractor business is maximizing its interactions with its consumers and making business decisions based on accurate data that will maximize profits.

Can You Integrate CRM Software for General Contractors with Accounting Tools?

FieldBin’s CRM software for general contractor business can be integrated with third-party accounting tools such as Xero and QuickBooks.

Does CRM Software Grow My General Contractor Business?

CRM software grows your general contractor business by ensuring that you’re always aware of your customer’s needs and are addressing them appropriately to their satisfaction. Satisfied customers often return for more business or refer your company to friends and family.

Is FieldBin’s CRM Suited for Small General Contractor Businesses?

FieldBin’s CRM for general contractor business fits the needs of a small general contractor business with a handful of technicians perfectly.

Does FieldBin Offer Customer Support Services?

You can add custom fields to FieldBin’s general contractor CRM software to capture data unique to your business and customers.

FieldBin is the easiest-to-use field management software for hard working trades business owners.  Our comprehensive set of industry specific developed features solve your back-office nightmares so you can increase profits by satsifying customers to grow your business.
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