Field Service Pricebook Management

A Simplified Pricebook Experience

Home service businesses rely on competitive pricing and great quotes to win customers. FieldBin’s Pricebook simplifies price book management, which saves you and your techs time by providing accurate pricing in bids and estimates and gives you peace of mind knowing your bottom line is well taken care of.

Improve Margins & Customer Satisfaction

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FieldBin’s Pricebook solution automatically adds all your products to the standard price book. The standard price book shows your techs and in-office team, such as the billing and invoices department, the minimum they should charge for a product or service.

Using our Pricebook solution, you can improve your margins, the quality of your quotes, and customer satisfaction since they can know and plan how much they will pay for a service request. It also helps your team know how much they should expect from the customer without disruptive back-and-forth communication.

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Be Price Competitive

Customers need accurate quotes and pricing information. Our Pricebook solution ensures your techs relay accurate pricing, fast. With quick, up-front pricing you can stay competitive in the field and secure customers fast.

Our solution also ensures you’re not running outdated price books that are the primary cause of bookkeeping errors. Outdated price books also lead to time wastage for your crew and in-office team and a complicated sales process.

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Keep Pricing Updated Easily

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Estimates and quotes should be very close to the final bill you’ll give your customer after a service request. This is only possible if you use a Pricebook with regularly updated pricing.

FieldBin’s Pricebook is a smart solution that gives you and your crew ongoing pricing updates to the products listed. It also updates images, marketing descriptions, upgrades, recommendations, and hours sold.

These updates come often and regularly, regardless of the specific home service business you run, such as HVAC, landscaping, electrical, or plumbing.

Simple Choices To Impress Customers

Modern field service business customers want to complete purchases and service requests with a tap, click, or swipe. FieldBin’s Pricebook solution allows you to emulate an online shopping experience that impresses your customers and makes them loyal.

Our Pricebook solution lets customers browse the products they need from your home service business, including updated descriptions and images to deliver a convenient experience. They can also countercheck your estimates and quotes, making them look clean and professional.

Eventually, your customers will want to continue doing more business with you.

Help Technicians Close Deals Faster

Most techs are not excellent salespeople. They rely on price books that will do them no favor if disorganized and cluttered. FieldBin’s Pricebook gives your crew an organized and easier way to access accurate and updated pricing information to help them get the best deals in the field.

Your crew will be able to make the right product selection decisions as well, including recommendations and upgrades that fit the customer’s budget and will deliver as per the service request.

Simplify Your Pricebook Management

Maintaining old price books is a pain for most home service businesses. FieldBin’s software Pricebook solution takes little time to update required fields such as pricing, images, and descriptions, making the process much easier for you, your crew, and the in-office team.

Moreover, with our solution, you make fewer errors and get better organization.

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Amplify your growth and profits with Pricebook Management

What is a Pricebook?

A Pricebook is a master list of all your products or services and their prices. It allows you to organize your products into an itemized list that you can use to produce quotes accurately. While bidding for jobs, your crew can directly add products from the Pricebook and share accurate information about the pricing and availability with the customer.

How Often Can I Remove or Add Products to the Pricebook?

You can remove or add products to FieldBin’s Pricebook as often as necessary. This allows you to maintain accurate and updated records that your crew can rely on while in the field.

Can I Clone a Pricebook?

FieldBin’s solution allows you to clone a price book to create a new one instead of painstakingly starting a new price book from scratch.

Can I Create a Standard Pricebook?

FieldBin’s Pricebook allows you to create a standard price book that can be used to reference minimum prices and create other price books based on it.

FieldBin is the easiest-to-use field management software for hard working trades business owners.  Our comprehensive set of industry specific developed features solve your back-office nightmares so you can increase profits by satsifying customers to grow your business.
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