The Best Electrical Invoicing Software

Track invoices and get paid faster

Comprehensive electrical invoicing software to get you paid fast. FieldBin is trusted by electrical contractors across the U.S. for quick, simple invoicing. Send professional invoices and boost ROI.

Invoicing & Bookkeeping for Electrical Contractors

Simplify your invoicing and bookkeeping process for your electrical business.

FieldBin is the proprietary electrical invoicing software to help you secure faster payments.

Electrical Billing Software

Accurate billing and bookkeeping for electricians

Simplify your electrical service work billing. FieldBin maintains a database of your electrical items that will save your techs time.

Accurate electrical billing
Custom electrical work order templates
Less time wasted on the billing process
Database maintenance for electrical items
Easy-to-use software for your techs

Custom Electrical Invoices

Tailor invoices for faster payment

Whether you run a large electrical business or you are a single tech, making your invoices look professional is key to getting paid faster.

Insert electrical company logo and branding onto invoice templates
Allow multiple payment options to ensure faster processing
Establish trust with professional looking invoices

Electrical Invoicing Software

Electrical work invoice templates

Don’t waste time on administrative tasks. Setup electrical work invoice templates in minutes.

Fully customizable electrical invoice templates
Share invoices with techs to give to customers
Download, print, send from our easy-to-use dashboard
Speed up invoices for electrical emergency payments

Electrical Company Invoices

Keep customer invoices organized

Make electrical bookkeeping easy. Track your electrical business invoices and keep files organized with ease.

Simple organization for all types of electrical customers
Perfect for electrical businesses and independent contractors
Ability to label and organize invoices in one place
Mark invoices as paid in real time

Electrical Invoicing Software

Corporate and municipal billing made easy

Whether you’re helping a corporate customer keep their lights on or providing electricity for a local municipality, you need an intuitive billing platform to secure timely payment for you.

Design invoices for specific corporate or municipal customers
Re-use invoice templates for future customers
Invoices cover every electrical job from commercial to home repairs
Bill properly for your hard work and electrical prowess

Professional Electrical Invoices

Detail all electrical labor and materials

Add project materials, labor costs, and material line items to every invoice. FieldBin helps you create detailed invoices intended to get you paid fast.

Add specific electrical project notes
Include hourly or by-project breakdowns
Easily calculate project totals
Get notified when customers pay

What is an electrical invoice?

Electrical invoices are detailed breakdowns of an electrician’s services they have provided to the customer. This includes line items costs as well as the total project cost. FieldBin’s invoices guarantee that the customer gets everything they need to send payment to the electrician.

What software does an electrician use?

FieldBin is the best electrical invoicing software around. It’s intuitive features and ease of use make it the go-to invoicing tool in the electrical business. Invoices can be sent quickly for faster payments.

Will electrical invoicing software increase my ROI?

Yes. Having a quality invoicing software lets you send electrical invoices fast and get paid right away. It will also give you a more professional look over your competitors.

Can FieldBin help me get more leads?

Sending your electrical invoices faster gives you more time to find more leads. FieldBin is an all-in-one automation tool to simplify your workflow and boost ROI.

Can I add my company’s branding to these invoices?

Create invoice templates complete with your company’s logo and branding elements. All invoice designs are customer-friendly and will encourage faster payment.

FieldBin is the easiest-to-use field management software for hard working trades business owners.  Our comprehensive set of industry specific developed features solve your back-office nightmares so you can increase profits by satsifying customers to grow your business.
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