Electrical Inventory Management Software

Streamlining Inventory Management for Electrical Businesses

FieldBin makes it easy to manage electrical inventory across your entire organization. Give your technicians the tools they need to dominate each project.

Automate the electrical equipment sourcing process

Sourcing electrical inventory can be a hassle. FieldBin lets you track all your materials in one convenient dashboard.

Keep track of electrical equipment and materials to boost ROI.

Electrical Inventory Software

Track electrical inventory with confidence

Quickly locate and assign equipment to your techs. Let them easily check work tools in and out to ensure no materials get lost.

Empower your techs with the right equipment
Boost ROI with better inventory tracking
Keep track of when equipment leaves your facility
Communicate inventory needs between the office and field techs

Electrical Inventory Tracking

Streamlined tracking for electricians

Inventory tracking is vital to ensuring projects get carried out with the right materials. From repairs to large-scale installations, manage your electrical inventory lists with ease.

Track serial numbers to keep track of materials
Determine in real-time where a piece of inventory is located
Eliminate unexplained inventory losses with precise tracking

Electrical Inventory Lists

Boost sales with more accurate lists

Accurate inventory lists help you stay organized and take better control of your profits. Increase ROI with electrical inventory lists from FieldBin’s convenient dashboard.

Collect accurate information on the types and quantities of parts on hand
Generate an automated record of past equipment purchases for more precise accounting
Prepare more efficiently for future electrical jobs
Avoid running out of items or keeping too many in stock

Electrical Purchase Orders

Purchase order processing made simple

Command your purchase order processing in a click of the button. Create a ready-to-order Bill of Materials to give your techs the equipment they need.

Prepare electrical item orders fast and hassle-free
Designate equipment for one or multiple sites
Share purchase order info with office staff and onsite techs
Send POs automatically at scheduled intervals

Electrical Inventory Management Software

Draft equipment inventory lists for any job

Accurate electrical estimating leads to higher ROI. FieldBin tracks usage and costs of supplies to ensure you make more money on every project.

Help your staff prepare more accurate estimates
Track usage and costs for more accurate supply management
Transfer specs and prices into new estimates fast
Organize by electrical project type for any job

Electrical Inventory Management Benefits

Boost profitability by improving supply tracking

FieldBin helps electrical businesses optimize their inventory investments and make more money. Start earning more revenue with better inventory tracking.

Save time by gathering your inventory in one place
Avoid wasting labor hours due to material delays
Measure inventory against revenue goals
Reduce electrical inventory loss

Why is inventory management important for your electrical business?

Losing track of inventory is easy when you are managing everything yourself. Inventory management software adds a layer of automation to this process. Update lists of critical components and parts automatically. Keep your business accountable.

Is it easy to train technicians on FieldBin?

FieldBin is an extremely intuitive platform. All inventory and customer information can be accessed in a few clicks. Get your field techs and office staff equally proficient on this electrical inventory management software.

How long will it take to implement FieldBin into my inventory management workflow?

FieldBin makes it easy to upload new inventory information and track inventory changes over time. Get a better handle on your equipment from day one thanks to FieldBin.

What are the advantages to using an inventory management system?

Electrical inventory management software helps businesses keep track of items with ease. Never lose track of inventory or have a surplus of items you don’t need. Business owners can put their inventory tracking on autopilot and empower their technicians.

Is FieldBin the best way to track inventory?

Thanks to our proprietary automation technology, FieldBin is the most efficient way to track electrical inventory. Set real-time alerts, utilize barcodes, and QR codes to avoid ever losing another item. With FieldBin, your inventory tracking is on automation.

FieldBin is the easiest-to-use field management software for hard working trades business owners.  Our comprehensive set of industry specific developed features solve your back-office nightmares so you can increase profits by satsifying customers to grow your business.
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